About Us

Who We Are

Cellify Distributors is a wholesaler and distributor of mobile phones and mobile devices. As a rapidly growing company with experience in the industry for 21 years, we are able to maintain impeccable customer and vendor satisfaction.


Cellify is second to none in reliability, flexibility and responsiveness. The benefit of doing business with us is we offer a wide array of models for all carriers, price tiers, condition and quantities. This makes our vendors happy because we can often accept any worthy offer that comes our way. Cellify stocks all the products we sell- no brokering


If you are ever in the NYC area, feel free to come visit and you, too, will want to develop a long and profitable relationship with us!

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Career Opportunities

Account Manager

 Account Managers at Cellify are responsible for all sales activities in their assigned areas, from generating leads to closing deals. Develop and implement a sales plan to expand the customer base in a target market. Work with the sales and support teams to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, generate revenues, and achieve long-term goals for each business partner.

E-Commerce Specialist

 With online commerce and revenues growing exponentially each year, Cellify is looking for a knowledgable web designer or ecommerce specialist with experience in creating revenues. Utilizing Amazon, Ebay and a web presence is a must for companies who would like to maximize their revenues and profits.

RMA Manager

RMA Managers are important to any product-based business. They will need to be extremely organized and have a constant communication with vendors, suppliers, and account managers.